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We've compiled a plethora of information you'll need to know before baiting your hook, or reeling in your first fish in Florida waters. Read on to find out about Florida hunting regulations, obtaining a Florida hunting license, permit and more when hunting in the state of Florida. Let us be your source and guide for Florida hunting licenses and permits.

Get A Hunting License In Florida

In order to legally hunt, you are required to have a hunting license. Learn more about how to apply for a hunting license in Florida. Read More

Hunter Safety Course

Hunters safety education is necessary in Florida in order to get a hunting license. Florida hunter safety classes are available throughout the year, and throughout the state. Read More

Renew Florida Hunting License

Is your current Florida hunting license about to expire? It's important to renew your credential before you head out on your next Florida hunting trip. Read More

Replace Florida Hunting License

Was your Florida hunting license lost, stolen or destroyed? You will need to replace your hunting license in Florida so you have it handy at all times. Read More

Essentials of Hunting in Florida

From the best clothes to wear, to necessary items that no hunting trip should be without, we've worked hard to be your online hunting guides. Read More

Florida Hunting Species

Our country is vast and unique in its wildlife species. Learn more about the different species living in Florida before you plan your next Florida hunting trip. Read More

Nonresident Hunting in Florida

Can somebody coming in from out-of-town hunt in Florida? The state has nonresident hunting licenses available. Read More


We've put together a Florida Hunting Packet to assist you with the Florida hunting license process, as well as offer you helpful information on a myriad of hunting-related topics.

Click here to access the Florida Hunting License Checklist & Forms Packet.

  1. When hunting with firearms, remember to keep firearm safety in mind.
  2. Do not litter, a clean environment has more animals to hunt.
  3. Keep food sealed when not eating.
  4. Keep dry, especially your feet.
  5. Have plenty of food and water.
  6. Do not feed wild animals.
  7. Keep important documents sealed and easily accessible.
  8. Keep your cellphone charged, and have an extra battery charged if possible.
  9. If staying overnight, keep in mind the general safety rules of camping.
  10. Make sure to have plenty of fuel for your hunting vacation.